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[-] 2018

Josh Murphy, Alexandru Burdusel, Michael Luck, Steffen Zschaler and Elizabeth Black: Deriving Persuasion Strategies Using Search-Based Model Engineering. 7th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA'18), 2018.
[pdf] Refereed Conference Paper,  research areas: Model-Driven Development
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Steffen Zschaler, Sam White, Kyle Hodgetts, and Martin Chapman: Modularity for Automated Assessment: A Design-Space Exploration. Workshop Software Engineering für E-Learning-Systeme (SEELS), GI-Tagung "Software Engineering 2018", 2018.
[pdf] [http] Refereed Workshop Paper,  research areas: Modularity, Teaching
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Daniel Strüber, Alexandru Burdusel, Stefan John and Steffen Zschaler: Henshin: A Model Transformation Language and its Use for Search-Based Model Optimisation in MDEOptimiser. Modellierung 2018, Tutorials, 2018. Poster,  research areas: Model-Driven Development
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