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[-] 2020

Steffen Zschaler and Fiona Polack: A Family of Languages for Trustworthy Agent-Based Simulation. 13th International Conference on Software Language Engineering, 2020.
Distinguished Short Paper Award
[pdf] Refereed Conference Paper,  research areas: Model-Driven Development, Modularity
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Olga Boiko, Matthew Edwards, Steffen Zschaler, Simon Miles, and Anne Marie Rafferty: Interprofessional barriers in patient flow management: an interview study of the views of emergency department staff involved in patient admissions. Journal of Interprofessional Care., 2020.
[http] Refereed Journal Article,  research areas: Other
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Jens Kosiol, Daniel Strüber, Gabriele Taentzer, and Steffen Zschaler: Graph Consistency as a Graduated Property: Consistency-Sustaining and -Improving Graph Transformations. Proc. Int'l Conf. on Graph Transformations (ICGT'20), 2020.
EASST Best Paper Award
[pdf] Refereed Conference Paper,  research areas: Model-Driven Development
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Fiona Polack and Steffen Zschaler: Report on Workshop: Planning the Future of Agent Simulation. Artificial Life Journal 26(2), 2020.
[http] Unrefereed Publication,  research areas: Model-Driven Development
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:

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