Theatre is my major spare-time killer. I enjoy both watching and making theatre, but I think I do prefer making it.


Grayshott Stagers

In 2014, I joined with the Stagers in Grayshott.


In 2014, I joined with Guildburys in Guildford.


From 2011 to 2014, I was with Theatre64 in Camberley. We did around four plays a year.


In 2010 I was a member of the Lancaster University Theatre Group. These guys are crazy, doing up to four different shows a term!


Since October 2004 I have also been a member of Spielbrett a well-known theatre group in Germany, and in particular in the Dresden area.


This is the theatre group everything started with. I've been one of the founders of the group in 1996.

English Drama Group of Dresden University of Technology

This is a group who are doing about one English theatre night per year. The shows range from one-play evenings to shows of four or five short plays. It is originally a theatre workshop of the Department for Anglistics at Dresden University of Technology. The courses are run by Laura Park with tons of effort, blood, sweat and tears. I joined them during my time as a student and still occasionally do some work with them.


Below is a selection of some of the plays that I have been involved with.

On the Razzle

A hilarious farce by Tom Stoppard, in which I get to take on a number of smaller roles.

Sir Arthur Savile's Crime

Brilliant fun based on a short story by Oscar Wilde. Playing the hapless Lord Arthur was an enormous joy.

Blue Stockings

My first show in the Electric Theatre in Guildford, where I got to play an academic. How novel :-)

The 39 Steps

The original spy story! A wonderful spoof and an exciting adventure. Plus, I get to sport a pencil mustache.

Oh Romeo!

What would have happened if Juliet had woken up just one minute earlier? This Theatre64 production offers a hilarious look at family life of the world's greatest lovers -- happily married for thirty years. Or are they?

Shakers - Restirred

They are Carol, Adele, Nicky and Mel - and they work in the cocktail bar from Hell. Come out for a few drinks for this revue of life as a waitress. Four actresses, 37 roles - one night to remember... A Theatre64 production that I directed in late 2012.

"An entertaining evening - the play was well directed and produced with great effect, using only 8 boxes and 4 chairs. The slick choreography, excellent mime and a fast and racy pace brought to life by four excellent actors in various roles the busy, boring and seedy side of Shakers Cocktail Bar." - A. Walker

Ash Girl

This can be summarised best as: "Cinderella meets Tim Burton". A new take on the classic tale, with monsters and princes, vanity and despair, but also great happyness. A Theatre64 production.


Now is the time to be afraid of the dark, as LUTG present Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere on stage for the first time ever! Come with us to explore the dark and dangerous secrets of London Below. London will never be the same again! Here is a review.

Hagen, Deutschland

This is our version of the "Nibelungen" Saga.

Der letzte der feurigen Liebhaber (Last of the red-hot lovers)

In this comedy by Neil Simon, Barney Silberman, after 23 years of marriage, tries his luck with another woman for the first time, ever. He invites her to his mother's place, of all places! Will be successful? Judge for yourself!

Die Katze (The Cat Who Always Walked By Himself)

This is a funny play for kids based on the story by Rudyard Kipling.

William Shakespeare: Macbeth

The Scottish play in a mix of translations.

William Shakespeare: Maß für Maß (Measure for Measure)

Shakespeare's comedy on moral and why the law is not the same for everyone.

John von Düffel, Das schlechteste Theaterstück der Welt (The worst play in the world)

This is a very intellectual play about theatre itself, and a joy to watch. if I'm saying so myself.

Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

Back in 2002 I directed this English play with a bunch of Germans and one American. This has been one of my favourite projects so far. We had loads of fun, and had to be massively sportive. Although the final production was 3 hours long, people loved it! I have put up a gallery with pictures from the performances. Just follow the link to the left. You can also find press reviews there. In addition, you can always go to the pages at "die bühne" the theatre where we performed. Obviously, they are doing lots of great stuff there all the time: so, look around!

Many thanks to all the great people I have met and learned from through this. Most of them are named above, but here are some more: Uli Schwarz of Spielbrett, Jörg Mihan of Theater 89, and Gabriele Bocek and Tilo Nöbel of Mondstaubtheater.