KCL UG Research Fellowship: Literature Survey on Teaching Methods for Programming

Project Overview

Programming is notoriously difficult to teach to undergraduate students and has been one of the most challenging elements of undergraduate computer-science programmes nationally (and internationally). At King's we face the same problems other institutions are facing in this regard. While we are constantly experimenting with improvements to our teaching, the current state of affairs can still be improved substantially. To help with this, we want to take a research-driven approach to improving our delivery. As a first step, it is necessary to gain a good understanding of the current existing literature on this matter.

This project will provide this by undertaking a systematic review of the existing literature on the topic of teaching programming at the undergraduate level.

To apply for the UG research fellowship, please go to: this page.

Project Progress


Project funding acquired. King's UG students will be able to apply from 23 March. The official code for the project is NMS-ZSCHALER.


No publications to display so far.