KCL UG Research Fellowship: Literature Survey on Finding Design Patterns

Project Overview

Design patterns have long been a stable part of software engineering. However, with large catalogues of design patterns available, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find the pattern one needs when faced with a particular design problem. This is particularly true for novice software developers. Over time, I have been involved in a string of research developing search engines for design patterns. It is now time to take stock of what the community has been doing in this regard and to understand where we should be looking next to improve the current state of the art. To this end, this UG research fellowship will be undertaking a systematic review of the existing literature on design-pattern search.

More information on how students can apply is available from this page.

Project Progress


Project funding acquired. King's UG students will be able to apply soon. The official project ID is NMS-ZSCHALER-B. The deadline for applications is May 22nd, 2015.


No publications to display so far.