Additional Material - Aspect Assumptions

This page contains additional material for the paper "Aspect Assumptions -- A retrospective study of AspectJ developers' assumptions about aspect usage".

In particular, you can obtain the following:

Raw Data

File Description
GlassBox_Data.pdf Raw data (including developer comments) for the GlassBox project.
HealthWatcher_Data.pdf Raw data (including developer comments) for the HealthWatcher project.
MobileMedia_Data.pdf Raw data for the MobileMedia project.


File Description A mind map showing the categories and relating them to the specific assumptions identified in the three projects. This mindmap has been created using (and can be viewed with)

Experimental Tooling

File Description Source code for some experimental tooling (build as an extension to abc) to support annotation and verification of some of the assumptions identified. Note this is not currently maintained, so comes with no promises of fitness for purpose.