Teaching and learning tools for computer science

Providing innovative tools to support teaching and learning in computer science

Teaching computer science, especially at scale, needs good software tools. These tools need to make concepts accessible easily and in a pedagogically sound manner. They should be easy to use and support a wide range of education administration tasks, including supporting the (automated) assessment of software development activities and the provision of adequate and personalised feedback.

We have been developing various tool platforms for teaching programming and software development:

  • Nexus is an on-line platform for the automated assessment of programming (and potentially other) assignments
  • The MDENet Education platform is a platform for teaching model-driven engineering.

I look for PhD students who want to help develop the platforms and assessment / feedback technology and want to help develop empirical evaluations of the platforms and approach. I am also interested in topics in the wider area, such as pedagogy, efficient and effective creation of new assignments (including testing and quality assurance), prevention of plagiarism, etc.


Conference and Workshop Papers


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    Antonio Bucchiarone, Andrea Vazquez-Ingelmo, Gianluca Schiavo, and 3 more authors
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  2. Towards Personalized Learning Paths to Empower Competency Development in Model Driven Engineering through the ENCORE platform
    Antonio Bucchiarone, Andrea Vazquez-Ingelmo, Gianluca Schiavo, and 7 more authors
    In Proc. Educators Symposium at MODELS 2023, 2023
  3. An Online Education Platform for Teaching MDE
    Will Barnett, Steffen ZschalerArtur Boronat, and 2 more authors
    In Proc. Educators Symposium at MODELS 2023, 2023


  1. Modularity for Automated Assessment: A Design-Space Exploration
    Steffen Zschaler, Sam White, Kyle Hodgetts, and 1 more author
    In Workshop Software Engineering für E-Learning-Systeme (SEELS), GI-Tagung "Software Engineering 2018", 2018


  1. NEXUS: A flexible platform for automated assessment and feedback
    Steffen Zschaler, Martin Chapman, Sam White, and 2 more authors
    In 11th Excellence in Teaching Conference, London, 2017